A little about us...

In the beginning of this century a new consumer financial services product came into its own, the private student loan. Throughout the first 8 years of the decade, what started in the 1980s exploded into a debt category that grew larger than any other short of mortgage lending.

It was a unique time in the post-secondary, (college), education industry, as the staid and solid nonprofit student loan lenders became overwhelmed by the profits available through offering private student loans to college bound students and their families. While mission statements didn't change, the greed became overwhelming. Objective help for parents and families of college bound students started to fall by the wayside.

In the midst of all of this College Access Group was founded in June 2006, and incorporated by Keith Landis of Lancaster, PA later on October 17th, 2006. The purpose was to once and for all offer the parents and families of college bound high school students a non-tainted source of financial aid information. To this end College Access Group committed to accepting no revenue of any kind from any entity, nor have we ever allowed anyone, including ourselves, to market any services for profit to anyone on our contact list.

After much research, hard work and late nights on August 29th, 2015 we were finally able to roll our entire suite of websites:  as a 100% free of charge with no advertising resource for High School Guidance Counselors, families, and any entity that desires to use them.  The two stipulations are as follows:
  1.    No one may charge anyone individual or entity in anyway for the use of information obtained from any of              our websites or materials, and
  2..    When any material from any of our sites or materials are used College Access Group, Inc. must be given                 full credit in the same size font as the presentation itself, including appropriate copyright disclosures.

Enjoy, we suggest that you start at www.collegeboundstudents.org.  Should you have any ideas for content please let us know, an email can simply be sent to answers [at] collegeaccessgroup.