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Quick and Easy Software Installation Description

Quick and Easy Setup Guide for our Putting Your Background to Work Software Package

When first deciding to offer this product to the insurance and planning community we realized that most individuals using this product want to assist individuals/families and are not interested in becoming technically competent in Chroma Key technology.  As such we developed the most user-friendly method of installing and using this highly technical combination of algorithms.

The software itself, in a theoretical way, sits between the camera and the user.  As such it, through a multitude of calculations and observations, determines the user vs. the background.  The software’s second job is then to read what the user have decided to install as a background.

During a multitude of original installations, we realized that a high percentage of individuals would be helped by an education as to how to integrate the software to obtain the best results.  Keep in mind that for less than $30 the end user can accomplish what your local weather person does every evening on the location news using installations that cost well into the thousands of dollars in sets, cameras, hardware, and software.

Based on all of this we put together several graphics and explanations as to which physical locations, lighting, attire, and the like work best.  Additionally, for those who enjoy reading, included is a content section.  Finally, for those who learn best by watching the software at work there is a video explaining about how best to manage the software.

The software itself is both Mac and Windows compatible and functions with every external webcam on which it has been tested.  It is also compatible with the vast majority of monitor based cameras.  The one software package with which it is incompatible is Windows Camera and this is based on how Windows Camera is programmed.  For technical detail requirements please see the FAQ section.