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Putting Your Background to Work Explanation

.After 2000 most people became comfortable with being a part of online virtual meetings.  As such, many became accustomed to making sure that their background did not show anything embarrassing or worse yet compromising.  Thus, in the insurance/planning world, the standard became a wall with a picture or a bookshelf filled with appropriate books. 

It is into this state of being that Insurancepresenter.com brought its Background Eliminator.  At a minimum it can be used to blur one’s background.  Progressing one can make the background any image that one can imagine.  At its best it can be used to present anything that you as the presenter can implement in a PowerPoint presentation including video.

We realize that most of us are not programmers nor do we desire to be programmers.  As such, all the features can be easily added to your presentation by simply opening whatever you built in your PowerPoint presentation.  Many presenters use their backgrounds as follows:

  • Ice Breakers
  • Individual Sales Presentations
  • Group Presentations
  • Client level and secure reports, statements, and the like
  • Explanation of difficult topics
  • Video presentations evidencing concepts
  • The products limit is solely the creativity of the end user