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The Variance of the Virtual Business

In developing and updating the many videos we delve into the experiences of those who have used this medium for decades of virtual presentations.  Originally webinars were simple voiceovers which progressed to sharing screens.  Now with our Chroma Key technology we can put you live in front of whatever it is that you would like to present within the PowerPoint framework.  For example, you have the ability to change your size and location on the screen with simple slide bars.

One of the largest speaking mistakes of the last several years is the thought and practice that what works in a live situation works in a virtual situation.  As any performer who migrates from a live stage to film and back will attest to, this simply is not an accurate thought.  It is for this reason that when rolling out the software, to maximize the virtual experience that you the presenter has with your audience, we felt the urgency to detail how to alter your presentation style and delivery.

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on speaking coaches to be able to present your materials best virtually either individually or to a group.  We have assembled the best presentation data available, quantified what works best and boiled it down for you.  Everything from how to be ready for the virtual presentation regardless of the style to actual steps based on minutes into the presentation.

What we have ended up with is a system that works.  It has been tailored for speaking in a virtual environment as opposed to a live one.  It will take concentration, work, and adherence but well worth the time and energy that you put into the process.